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December 5, 2009
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Lost in Candyland by inneryoung Lost in Candyland by inneryoung
I was inspired to do a Candyland piece :D

King Kandy rules Candyland, and Queen Frostine is his wife, but she is like this mythical goddess of the Ice Cream Sea and for some magical reason she can never leave there, or has to stay. Princess Lolly is their daughter. Lord Licorice is obviously a bad guy. He is interesting in Lolly, but he's mostly just interested in her for the throne. He keeps coming to visit the castle, and Princess Lolly can't take it anymore, so she decides to run away from home and seek advice from Grandma Nut, who isn't really her grandmother but everyone calls her that cause she's old.... and nutty. She may be a little strange, but there is wisdom somewhere in her weirdness. However, Lolly gets lost in the Lollipop Forest. Mr. Mint stumbles into her as he is passing through the forest and offers her help finding the Peanut Brittle House as he was heading that way on his way home anyway. They are also joined by the gingerbread kids who have this magical ability to teleport, but they can't completely control their power as they cannot determine the landing spot when they do teleport. This power comes in handy however, as they see Lord Licorice coming. They find themselves in a big field with some plum trees and get harassed by Plumpy, who is mostly just bitter at everyone cause he represents a fruit, yet is the most overweight. Then they take the Gumdrop Pass and meet up with Jolly who is an old friend of Mr. Mint's and eventually make it to see Grandma Nut, who seems to know something that Lolly does not realize yet and suggests that Lolly and her party return to her home. As they are heading there, they are chased by Lord Licorice. They get to the shores of the Ice Cream Sea when he is approaching, and Princess Lolly calls out to her mythical mother for help and she comes and helps them cross. But there is also Gloppy the Molassus Monster guarding the castle. Everyone is afraid of him except Lolly who knows him on a personal basis. He is sworn to serve the King and protect the princess and usually he allows Lord Licorice to pass but as he can see he is chasing the princess, this time he stops him, and Lord Licorice winds up drowning in the swamp! Then Princess Lolly finally figures out what Grandma Nut had been hinting at. She finally realizes that through all this adventure she has fallen in love with Mr. Mint! Yay happy ending!

Okay that's what happened whenever I used to play the game.

I hear they are actually making a Candyland movie, but I don't think it's going to be nearly as cool of a story ;D hahahaha
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Wow cute! XD

Candyland should have had a book series like clue did!

...i still dont think king kandy and frostine are married.... o-o i think they rule allied kingdoms....
I agree totally.  Queen Frostine rules the sea kingdom.  totes.
Lol totes yus.

Dems like bff alliesss

Oh! Btw im gonna write a story with mr mint and the duke of swirl guy.

And this might not be part of it, buti just had an idea.

What if like frostine and king kany were arranged to be married, but then frostine let him go marry the lady he acually loved? But he and frostine are still great friends.
Well he certainly has to have some wife, cause Princess Lolly is totally his daughter.  So that could work ;D
;D well yeah of course.
Secretsister16 Mar 22, 2013  Student Artist
I'd love for you to make this into a chapter book and post it I'd read it^^
I wish I had all the time in the world to do all of this, but if you like my art and are interested in my storytelling abilities, I have a whooooole separate account for my comic series.  

This is so sweet ^_^
pixie-the-gator Sep 5, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
how cute!
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